2020-09-23 15:21:37

GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

Globovci na Međunarodnom simpoziju virtualnih znanosti GLOBE 2020. 

Tijekom Korona krize Globovci su bili aktivni. Istraživački rad GLOBE grupe, „Osjetljivost masline (Olea europea L.) na niske temperature“, dodatno su obradili i poslali na International Virtual Science Symposium.
Rad je objavljen na poveznici https://www.globe.gov/do-globe/research-resources/student-research-reports/projectdetail/globe/olive-sensitivity-olea-europea-l-to-low-temperatures
Najveći dio posla odradio je naš Mate Ćurić, učenik 4.g razreda, uz pomoć svojih mentora i prof. engleskog jezika Jelene Buljan, kojoj se ovom prilikom zahvaljujemo.   Primjeri mailova što su nam stigli: Badges are posted for the 2020 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium! The judges were very impressed with all of the hard work by our GLOBE students. The badges your students earned are posted on your school page under "About & Contacts."  Great work!
Project Title(s): Olive sensitivity (Olea europea L.) to low temperatures
  Thank you for participating in the 2020 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium. Congratulations to you and your students, and we hope to see more projects from you in future years!
  Judge Comments:
Gave clear context for the research and introduced a thoughtful research plan. Could have used more specificity in the description of methods (when and how the measurements were obtained, possible sources of error). The results included useful displays of the data. The discussion lacked comparison with other studies but was thorough in connecting the results to the hypothesis. The overall report was quite thorough and represents a relevant representation of environmental data.

Your project is very interesting, very well organized and presented. Nevertheless, I would have like to know if you consider the impact of climate change on olive cultivation?
No - it looks like information from a different project was used in the badge description discussion. However, the report is comprehensive, includes a generally thorough analysis of the data, and the impact of research is nicely documented.
It's clear that you really deserved these badges.   Dodijeljeni bedževi i priznanje:


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